Welcome!  We offer Private and small classes based on the traditions of Vijnana Yoga, which has it’s roots in classical Hatha Yoga.  ‘Vijnana is the understanding or wisdom that springs not from external information learned from the words of a teacher or a tradition, but from an internal clarity discovered through personal experience.’  (Shankara, the father of Vedanta).

We learn to cultivate a disciplined, strong and evolving practice, enabling practitioners to cope with and smooth the sharp edges of the harshness of modern day living; not only on our mind, body and spirit, but also to enhance ones experience of life and to work with what needs to be worked with and on; with courage, strength and fellowship.  We chant the Patanjali Yoga Sutras on Sunday as an entrance into the study of  the ancient and sacred Vedic texts, enriching our practice and experience of life.

‘Calling our practice Vijnana is merely granting recognition to what has been present always-something pulsing in the heart of our path: to feel, to understand, and to practice from within.’ (Orit Sen-Gupta – Founder of Vijnana Yoga).


In response to the current situation and guidelines issued by the Government, AthaYoga will take the following steps in order to protect the health of both student and teacher. Further up-dates will be notified as we navigate through this unchartered territory. In this way we hope to limit the spread of Coronavirus, and continue to provide a harmonious, healthy, and wholesome yoga practice to increase your level of harmony, immune system; limit stress and fear etc.

  1. If you have even minor symptoms, please do not come to class. Stay home and practice meditation and simple yoga postures that you know well. If you need help to put together a morning practice let me know. Please increase your dedication to meditation practice to help remain calm, and Yoga postures to keep a good level of physical and mental health. This your top priority and responsibility now, for yourself and your community.
  2. If you do come to class, greeting one another with the traditional Indian ‘Namaste’, with the hands together at the chest in place of the handshake, hugs, kisses and other physical greetings is sufficient.
  3. Please have on hand some tissues should you suddenly cough/sneeze. If you don’t have a tissue on hand cough/sneeze into your upper arm/inner elbow.
  4. Pranayama practices will be limited to a few simple and effective selections. Hand adjustments will be temporary suspended. Keep a few feet away from each other.
  5. The studio will ensure that mats are issued with extra adequate cleaning before use, and cleaning your mats with extra vigor afterwards will be also required.
  6. Other precautions will be taken to ensure that the lesson goes through in the best interest of everyone.

If you have any concerns or questions please let me know.